Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Six days on the road...only it's 7 weeks....part 1.

Sharon took seven weeks from her office and have headed south...east...then north, again. The plan is drive to San Diego...transit etward to maybe Death Valley...maybe Tecopa Hot Springs....maybe Quartzite..I know, I know..lots of maybes, but...we are simply just out for  drive. For seven weeks nd if the distance traveled to date is any measure, we will not get to ll the places. Some days we manage 75 miles...

So...there is no great story to be told...but I do have a bunch of pix.....

Our first night on the coast was at Pacific Beach...Washington State Park....only state site ON/At the beach. Just north of Aberdeen. No..not Oceans Shores...further north. Gale blew in at 1am and we are parked right at the edge...man...


 We were camped at rocks edge....

 Couple days later we were at Seaside....and rolled on to Cannon Beach for the night.



 Now...I am of the mind that paying for a campsite is not something I can afford if I am going to wander as much as I do. Do the math...it costs most of 50 bux a night in the US if you included exchange. That is 500 bux in 10 days. So...I don't do it that way. There was a guy..Supreme Vagabond and he showed the way...do your hanging out thing during the day and go stealth at night. 

This is just south of Cannon Beach community..a cluster of homes that are empty...waiting for the vacation rental season to begin. We parked on a beach access bit...no, no signs....and spent the night. Was..weird...all empty but for a very few places.

Bunnies everywhere. 

This is the view from the pull-off just north of Mazanita.

Next morning just s we were leaving Waldport..pass a hotel and see this view.... had to go back and grab these shots.

 Yaquina Bar...a ship had gone down 3 days prior...with 3 crab fishermen aboard.

 And the coast views just keep on coming.

                      Bandon sunset was crazy...


And, come morning.... 

On down the road, taking every side road we could find...this is Devils Kitchen... 

Port Orford.....all up and down the Oregon coast the crab fleet is tied up.


On the brighter side of Port Orford...


And...Brookings in Oregon....the one and only campsite I will willingly pay for.


And..if you imbibe..as you head south into California...you come upon All Star Liquors. You owe it to yourself to shop there....


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