Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Seven weeks..part 2... begin this second page...just west of Eureka is a BLM land assignment. It is a dunes OHV thing. Geting there, one passes a lot of `space`. Lots of surfers and so on...and you can overnight. It is a tad sketchy...when you wake up, there are cars and trucks that arrived overnight...sure pretty tho. Oh..and you need 4x4 to ensure you can get out. 

 Crescent City....south end of town...lots of sea lions and surfers out in the commercial marina area.,_California 

City of Orick...seems to have a following..of elk. Man...they are like rabbits...everywhere. 

The city of Eureka....has more than 1,500 building on the National heritage Register.,_California

And..having seen all of them...carry on down 101 to the turn off for Ferndale. Great little farmer city of Victorian age...and a cool cemetery.

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