Thursday, 17 January 2019

Seven weeks..part 3....

Man..that frikken storm just did not let up. We huddled in Petaluma..,_California

Then drove as far as Sausalito and found a hidy hole at the Harbour Masters office....the rain and wind was ferocious.

Come more had subsided and we journeyed on. Over the Golden Gate bridge and the first off-ramp and hugged the coast all the way to Santa Cruz. A whole 82 miles in one day. I will say..San Fransisco was easy peasy....I was worried...really worried but....nothin to it.

The damage after the storm is significant. Trees down...some roads can see the beach is really torn up. 

San Fransisco from Sausalito tho.

 I wonder what it was like....if you were inside the homes, watching the surf pounding at the door.

Sailboat was/is a write off in Halfmoon Bay

 Just driving along and taking snaps

 On street RV parking can be had in Santa Cruz...that's mine second back but we left and had supper at a bbq joint and asked and the guy said sure.,_California

                              And Santa Cruz

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