Tuesday, 13 November 2018

3 day long weekend drive..part 1

We took Remembrance weekend on the road. Left here..Penticton, BC and across the line we went. I had a piece of Bradley Smoker equipment to pick-up in Oroville. The smoke generator must have taken a fall in our move...it was  not even blinking when I plugged it in. Ordered a new one...HUGE big box for a small item...obviously well packed. Get it working this coming week.

One other thing...in Oroville we found....2lb rolls for 10 bux, USD. Yeah..we bought some.

Anyway, Oroville is parked on the Similkameen River...flows down from BC. Following the river orth towards the border...Nighthawk actually...and there is a nice stretch of accessible river, some of which is BLM land. We have been around the area once before but this was our first camp. 

Just looking at the terrain...man...hot, come summer. 


Great spot tho....quiet....

Next morning we rolled on down back thru Oroville...and it's orchards...

The Similkameen

 And the 97 south to Omak+ about 5 miles..onto #20 for Winthrop. We stopped to make some brekfast along the way.

Winthop...the tourist trap of the west...and  it sill holds a charm.

 And a great craft beer house...the Old Schoolhouse.

For the night..we cruised back a bit to Twisp and ran west along the Twisp River about 20? miles...a National Forest Rec area. To War Creek campsite.


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