Friday, 19 October 2018

Final days of my month on the road.

Delivered Ms Sharon to the Nanaimo Airport at 5am, October 11th, for her return there anything worse than a busy rest area right beside a busy highway? That is where we spent the night prior to...almost a relief to get up an 4 to get the day started. After the drop off...into town to dump the tanks and fuel up...this is all at just after 5am, for Gods sake. I found a nice spot to park by the harbour....

I was meeting a guy for breakfast...a man that I had known as a 12 year old kid. Facebook connection. Kaye MacKay....he and I and my sister had chummed around in the city we lived in.

Grabbed the ferry to the mainland same day after brekky with Kaye...that was damned cool!

Next morning I had some errands to run that took me down by the Fraser River. Went to an area I had been around a lot...Queensborough....and up onto a small bridge over the north arm of the river.

   Next morning...Sunday the 15th? I decided to head for home. Just before leaving, I bought a coffee grinder...yessss.....I use a Turkish grind..the finest grind ever...and consumer type grinders just don't cut it. You need a burr grinder...and even they fail. Fine coffee grinding is oily. dusty work and the only thing that I could think of was a real grinder. I found one for sale...and bought it. A Bunn L12. Got it for a steal of a deal....

     Early morning in Blaine Washington....just after crossing the border.

Up highway 20 to Concrete for the night.

Next morning...Monday....took a dirt side road that led me down to the face of a power dam, just above Newhalem.


The Methow River was so stunning in colours. This is all just west of Winthrop.



Coming into Winthop...these horses just made it about perfect.

 Tuesday morning and beat it for the border. Oroville never looked so pretty.


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