Thursday, 20 September 2018

A September and October run into Washington

I am going to post quite a few blogs as I 'do' this ramble. This is the first....and I will indicate the last...from this point on..until I say all the September and October drive.

I worked bloody hard all summer with our short term vacation rental and the of a month on the road. Just getting to this point was a bit of a work piece. Having re-finished the kitchen this late spring, I stupidly and perhaps in a somewhat inebriated state, opined aloud...maybe we should do the same to the RV. fuk.

That took three weeks...

Okay...if you need to know....

We used the light one. Did an amazing job in both the kitchen and the rv. 

I was planning a trip to North Dakota with a guy..that fell thru, so what do, what to do....

Sharon has never been to Tofino nor Uculet on the west side of Vancouver Island, so..I sorta might have said something out loud...and she grabbed her computer and made reservations before I could re-visit the conversation.

I left Penticton the 18th of September and headed down to Washington. First stop was my Internet shopping drop for a couple Tommy Bahama shirts I had ordered. I was sitting home one afternoon and thought.." I really need some new TB shirts. There is a retail outlet mall just about 15 miles west of Las Vegas..used to be called Stateside now it is Primm....and so, I the manager..and he sent me pix of what he had in stock..I ordered two and hey presto....

Spotted this beauty on my way into Twisp. 

Then rolled on to Highway 20 and turned west...thru Winthrop. I stopped at the National Park Ranger offices and asked about disbursed camping and was given a location. Lady at the counter was vague enough to make me work for it, but..I was successful.

Next actaully...Sept birthday....things started to get pic worthy. Headed up thru Washington Pass.

Colonel Creek Lake in the Ross Lake complex

The dam at Concrete, Washington

And on to LaConner.


Did I mention that today was my birthday?

 Clams in a white wine sauce.

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