Saturday, 22 September 2018

Deception Pass and Fort Casey.

One thing I have noticed...has this side of Washington state ever grown. Holy smokes. Back when I first visited it was pretty small town-ish. That is old news. So many people and all that goes with that.

I woke up to the most gut wrenching oh man..Blue Herons have a whole other way of letting world know that they are on the wing.

Deception Pass and THE bridge. If you have never been? Try and do it north to south. It just comes up on you so fast.

Looking down into the pass waters....kelp and fishing boats.


I have come to this spot for 20 years and I was truly afraid that it had become another strip of houses. But...still the same. 

 On to Fort Casey. Morgan and I have camped here so many times. And..before Morgan....the campground at Fort Casey is probably the premier campgound in Washington. It hasn't changed a bit except for the wee hut in the entrance way. No doubt for the Volunteer.

This particular campsite..not one of THE sites but never mind. I had Morgan and two of her buddies there..stopped in Oak Harbour and bought some pumpkins...was just before Halloween....and the kids carved them, put candles inside, then put them on the rocks so people on the ferry could see them. Morgan is 40 now...and that would have been 30 years ago. Holy geeezus...

Up and down the paths and up into the gun emplacements. 

 Fort Casey beach

 Late afternoon a monster wind popped up...blew all night long. Anyway...a cruise ship was coming up Puget Sound from Seattle heading for.....who knows.


 Making his turn out into open waters


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