Wednesday, 18 October 2017

In hot water..Lussier Hot Springs

Looking for an Olds Toronado? I happen to know where you can find one.


Lussier Hot

Just south of Canal Flats...17.3 k's up a active logging road. Active means big trucks moving fast. If you see one coming towards you or coming up from behind? Toss on your right turn signal, get to the shoulder and stop.  Once you get to the parking area..well..there you are. Lots of folks arrive thru-out the day and night.


 Looking north from the springs.

I overnighted up there...and came out just about 10am. On to Cranbrook and oh yesss...finally...a dump station that is open. Man, I was beginning to wonder. I think that they leave theirs open as long as they can...the hunters are out in force.

Deer deer everywhere.

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