Friday, 20 October 2017 and colours...yessssss

I was just about to leave Cranbrook and got told of an old mining site up the Wildhorse Creek Road. Why does every old mine site  have to be on a road called 'Wildhorse'?  

I am thinking this was a mill?

Oh yes..Wildhorse River....

Heading south then...out of Cranbrook...for the border into the US..Idaho. Last, what used to be stop..Yahk...what a sad sad place now. I have been into the hotel when it was a decent place for lunch. Why on earth people just let their city/town deteriorate into this?

Ah haaa.....a craft house in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Kootenai Brewing.

Just driving along..rain had stopped...and the colours..just so beautiful.

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