Saturday, 21 October 2017


 Ever watchful Maya..

On the last swing for home....following the Pend Oreille River thru Idaho and Washington

City of  Priest and funky and old city...has a couple neat displays..this locomtove that is kept 'charged'

and this wood burning tractor.

Old logging iron by the roadside


City of Ione....just south of one the many US/Canada border crossings in BC.

So..I overnight in Kettle Falls, Washington. It has a craft beer joint...uhmmm....maybe don't be in a hurry. Huge barn of a place...and they bring in local singers..who they should not have allowed into the place. And the beer is just not great. And perhpas I am doing them a great is a family place so you can bring in everyone..and feed them...and that's not so common. The beer isn't baaaaaaad...just kinda boring. To me.



And then we have this, this morning.... between Kettle Falls and Republic.


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