Monday, 16 October 2017

Jasper and a nasty bit of roadway....

Driving east and north from Clearwater on my way to Valemount for the night. I perfect is this?

And so...the gates entering Jasper National Park...

And after that....what is the point of even taking pictures. What scenen hasn't already been kodaked a million times?


Wait...this is important...downtown Jasper...home of Jasper Brewing...jasperbrewingco

Soft pretzels and two fab dipping things...cheese and a strawberry. I had been told about a 'to-die-for cheesecake'...but I was too full...what do to, what to do...get one to go! It is made with goat cheese and let me assure you, if you were to drive from a place far far away, just for would be worth your while.

And I go on....heading south..towards Golden.

The Columbia Icefields...what a shit, motherfucking nasty 200k's of travel. I understand the engineering words...hard to maintain blah blah no no. It was like traveling on a long abandoned bit of roadway in far off somewhere.

The park facilities are closed for the season so people can now feel free to stop where ever they like to sleep. I chose to stop at the Saskatchewan Crossing..and I stopped in the middle of the bridge to take the pic, too. No traffic, obviously. I also had spied an RV in a great spot just past the bridge...with space for a few more, so I had a home for the night.


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