Sunday, 9 April 2017

I really gotta re-retire

Goofing off on the couch...first Maya has to get up on my legs, then Buddy has to find a place..and he is literally OFF the couch but I am supporting him.


Yesterday was a day for pictures of animals that are not easily photographed. There has been a Great Horned owl nesting right downtown..two owlets in there...and just begging to be 'shot'. But the weather has been nothing but blah...low light levels, rain and the birds are dark coloured and against a dark tree. Just about perfect. 

Like this...all this

 Saturday morning...7:30 am..and hey look...sun!! Rolled out ASAP and got some good ones.

We had company from my past for the afternoon...and we went driving out to tatste wines in Naramata...this is Kevin, I am told. He and his dad live on the streets of Naramata...Kevin loves the blue garbage truck that comes thru on Monday's and follows it around. Naw...not for food...people feed them...he just likes the truck I guess. Maybe it's a boy thing.

So...shooting off my mouth one afternoon, talking to owners of a local brew pup I suggest that hore me to drive their beer delivery truck part-time. That happened..but then they lost their only grunt worker..the brewer doesn't 'do' grunt cleaning kegs and filling they asked.." hey Gary..would you like to learn stuff?" and I said you bet!! learning stuff...well now..that became a month long downhill struggle. just wore me out. Kegs are 30lbs empty and 90lbs full. And the job is slinging those things all over the place...put 30 over there and wash them to bottom...then onto the pressure cleaner, four at a time....stack them over by the gas system to be charged....then just stack them in the clean section... put nine on pallets and moved into the cooler on a pallet jack, to be filled...then out of cooler, wrapped with cellophane sheets for shipping...or left in the cooler for individual deliveries. Fuck. Then they asked if I wanted to work for them full-time. Like....NNNNnnnnnnnoooooooooooo. Hire someone....37 years of bus driving did not prepare me for physical labours...I am so not into this..hahahahahaha

Filling from 900 liter kettles into the kegs.

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