Thursday, 6 April 2017

A number of vids, to catch up....and Mr Trump bombs Syria

I just love this video off of You Tube.... 


 I had posted this to my Facebook one day.....about staying in shape over winter

Yessssss...snow...we had a lot in Penticton this past winter season. I started out with this sno-blower and then progressed into an actual sno shovel. The stuff is very light and fluffy..which means then that the snows just gets blown every which way.

My daughter Morgan and her young son Lochlan..I was down in Vancouver for a week and we shared some lunch's and dinners.

The Cannery Brew Pub on a Saturday afternoon...Mickey and his dog usually show up...sip a glass or two and he plays the piano. I normally sit and chat with him...stop in and say hi....

And see? I didn't mention Mr Trump's cruise missile hit on Syria. I don't think many of us are actually opposed to what he did...but the N Koreans and Russia and China...they'll now believe that he'll use the military options to ensure he be seen as a big boy. That can have huge ramifications. Itchy trigger fingers and all.

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