Sunday, 2 April 2017

Getting my groove back

Two months of no Blog...and while I have addressed some of that in the just published "overcoming" post...I was also just hibernating. We have had a most unusual winter...freakin snow and cold, unlike what the Okanagan usually experiences. This is land of wine and bikini's, not snow blowers and killer heating bills. 

I just got home from a week in Vancouver...Sharon couldn't get away...her real estate phone started to ring and wouldn't, I rented a Budget car, tossed the puppy in the back and blasted off. And came back a week later on the third car of the rental. First one had 3 of 4 tires with separated sidewalls. Second one had no tread on the front tires to speak of and the third one got me home from Vancouver, albeit with a badly cracked windshield. How can a company provide rental cars like that? and video from a week in Vancouver....Morgan and Lochlan at Me N Eds Pizza....

Granville Island....



Ellie and Lochlan

River tug and barge


 Selfies with the doggie....

Displaying 20170330_110224.jpg

 I saw this and grabbed it...some say it resembles me eating....assholes.

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