Monday, 17 April 2017

Easter long weekend


Ahh yes...spring...sort of. Time to un-winterize the RV. That takes all of an hour and then I am wondering where I should go. I was going to go to Edmonton to look after my sisters cats, I won`t be. She doesn`t care for the dog. Okay then...there are some waterfalls up on the Yellowhead Highway  I was going to go to last come May? A weeks-10 days drive would be pretty sweet. 

 I did take a spin in it tho, and look at Mr Big Mouth...I had to drive down to Oroville Wa., to collect a package from my Kinec parcel drop-off. And for the first time in like forever..I had to pay duty on my way back across. Wow. 

Buddy had one of these to get done...If you have any old pictures that you'd like to re-do? and especially of they have those oval shaped frames with or without the convex glass?

Owls nest in town and the other days I was down watching it and grabbed a for shit video... 

I could watch this over and over....

Last year I was having the lawn cut by a contractor and thought I was pretty cool....then I realized I had put out a thousand bucks for week I bought myself a mower...well, no...two mowers...a Yard Works push and a Craftsman electric. $25 each...oh..and for ten, a weedwhacker. Right..why two mowers? the first was the push and the arms are so flimsy, when I get stopped by something in the grass..the arms just twist...only a matter of time before I have broken it. But it sure cuts nice. 

Big Horn Sheep just outside of Okanagan Falls

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