Friday, 23 December 2016, skiing, Santa

Morgan and Philip went off skiing for the day....Saturday, day of Christmas Eve. The kids and I went to the mattresses. (if you don't know the meaning of aren't Italian).



Recall the snow in Kitimat...well, it's back... 

Only this time I have a much better way of dealing with than in prior years....we moved to Penticton.

  Was off Santa'ing this past couple of weeks too...first was a fund raising effort at a local dog groomers...I know the folks that own it and I was asked....this may have been a one time only.



There was a dinner by the local non-profit that provides shelter for women and children. About 80 kids we seen.

Last year 'we' ..that would be the naughty elf and Santa did a 'quiet Santa' at the children's development centre in Kitimat. We offered to do the same here in Penticton and the offer was accepted. I can show you pix of the kids whose parents had given permission.

These are children who have different levels of autism or other challenges that by and large, dis-allow them from being in noisy public places to see Santa. They don't handle stimulation's like bright lights, other kids yelling or loud music well. A quiet Santa just sits..lets the child become accustomed to the man in red. The staff were watching from an observation room and were moved to tears a couple of time...children that they were quite sure would not be able to 'be with Santa'...were. It was fabulous.




Staff and Santa photo

A pregnant staffer....   No.


Daughter Morgan, husband Philip and the two short ones are up for Christmas.


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Ginger bread house


We have gotten into a Chai tea thing and I wanted to get some Oregon Chai Tea mix.

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