Friday, 18 November 2016

One last, very last I promise, rv trip this year.

 One last kick at the camping/rv'ing cat for the year. Plates come off Dec 3rd and that'll be that till..oh...maybe March.

We had just slid the stuff in we were taking with us and grabbing the dog....

 Back in my VW days..this is exactly what I had minus the roof rack. Many nights would have looked just like this too.


Should you be IN Republic Washington....yes, the place with the community park with free power hook-ups...they also have an outstanding brew pub..The Firehouse.

And deer...mule deer everywhere on this trip. Lots in the small towns we went thru..the know they are safe, I guess.

At a hardware..everything store in Curlew.

 The vineyards in the Okanagan Valley continue to looks so frikken awesome

Just down the road a bit is a migration and protection zone for the Bighorn sheep that live in the area. A herd was around the other day.

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