Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Odds N ends

Cat...Buddy has been around a long time now...still as handsome as ever, too. He travelled with me in the rv for a year and a he survived I have no idea. 

Knucklehead here....that got me kicked off a Facebook RV page called her some other things,  I think. Got the Christian bunch all upset. But, to the point...look at what I had to buy her. A jacket...a doggie coat for Gods sake. However..with her riding in the trailer, she will get that cold wind on, do I sound like a wuss....

October 28th I took this...still have roses blooming in the front garden. Just need one frost....

Ever cook beef ribs? I usually do pork but I grabbed these on my way home last week and cook some up on the bbq. Not a lot of meat...guess the butcher trimmed them right close, so....tasty, rich from the fat....but no so much meat.  However....Maya pigged right out.

Late grapes..I am supposing that these are for Ice Wine...they have to leave them on the vine until we get a good freeze.

My Nespresso, I cannot get enough of this thing. I bought it from someone on a Buy/Sell FB page..and it wasn't working properly. Water all over the counter. So, I called Nespresso Canada..they did a serial # check...yup, all good...they sent loaner, I send this back...they fix...return...I send back loaner..all on pre-paid UPS too....and it works like a charm. Huh..who, if you are thinking of a pod espresso machine? I'd say that Nespresso looks after their customers.

A couple months back..harvesting peaches? a certain someone promised to bake me a peach pie...that promise was finally kept.

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