Tuesday, 25 October 2016

So you like Studebakers and Roosevelt, eh..

Downtown Harrington. Only about 30 miles from Sprague, but a world of difference. 

I had made breakfast and coffee...found wifi..and was on my way out..see a shop with the sign. I get out..take the shot..and these two old buggers were peering in the windows. Turns out behind the panes of galls is a whole bunch..like maybe 10? Studebakers..all looking in pretty darn good shape. The told me about the ones along side the shop, too.

Don't they just look like a couple kids looking in the candy store window?

Carried on up 25 and into Roosevelt Lake National Park.

The city of Republic...they offer the RV'r a really nice park and free power...just come, park and plug in....how sweet it that!!


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