Saturday, 5 November 2016

Puppy in the cat door....

The start to my Saturday is this..she got out but couldn't get back in..

Fat old men should not be out laying under their jacked up 4x4 RV messing with stuff that is waaayyy above their pay grade. 

I had a leaking gray tank valve that needed replacing and by itself is a slam dunk to change out. However..getting to mine was a 4 hour job...just getting to it....right off, a plate if aluminium that acts as a protective shield for everything, tanks and wiring. That had 30 rivets to drill out. All the while it had to be supported so that when it all came loose it didn't just fall on me. Then the 20 screws that we holding the bottom cap of the box built to house the tank itself. This box has several of which is to allow the tank to get heat from the furnace.

OK...a 1 1/2 inch problem getting that.  Dis-assemble...assemble new and bolt into place...and the the tedious, laborious job of screws and rivets.

I might as well mention too...that I am so out of shape that the twisting and turning and stomach muscle working actually made me nauseous. To the point that I was kinda caught by surprise when my breakfast was all of a sudden..well, anyway..I felt much better after that and carried on.

There may be one or two that read this and know me from back in another life...this came my Instagram this morning and boy does that ever invoke memories.

While I was away last..for whatever reason I got to wondering if this was my last trip? I am 66 now and I have fewer travel miles ahead than I have done..if you get my drift. At some will end. I'll get sick or hurt or just 'something' was an interesting introspective. I wasn't all morose or anything...just thinking.

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