Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Kids birthday's and a Heritage House in Penticton

 Sharon had an open house this last weekend..a heritage house in downtown with 1/4 of an acre...just look at the guts of this place....

Even has two transoms

There we were, assembling the headboard last week..one of these Amazon.ca 'deals'....fucking thing came apart as we were working. These are expensive items...I had no idea that a nice one can run into the $500.00 range. I figured maybe I'd see if one of the local Buy & Sell Facebook sites might yield something and lo and behold...someone had a brass plated old head and foot..plus the rail for overhead soft white skeeter drapes....for free. They even dropped it off....along with a most fabulous stainless steel door.

Wow....this thing is maybe 200lbs and absolutely gorgeous. Fits a standard door frame...meaning nothing weird about the fit....just an awesome freak door. That..after thinking about it for a couple days, we decided we couldn't do anything with. It couldn't have been a super cool headboard but man..if it had ever fallen....a funeral for sure. Anyway..the folks had said if we didn't want it they'd come back and get it although if we could sell it for 100 they'd be happy. Back to Facebook Buy & Sell...150.00. 


 One of the great and wonderful things that happen when one moves to the Okanagan...your kids come to visit. 

And their dog..

Due to circumstances..like packing and moving...we had missed both kids birthday parties. We had a second one. Dairy Queen cakes rock.

I know...right? 

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