Friday, 27 May 2016

Penticton house viewing and things to do

Things to do in Penticton....drinking craft beers is right up there....

We currently have 3 craft breweries here...Cannery..
Where I had these...

The Tin Whistle..that has no website, but does do Twitter.

And Bad Tattoo...

Angels Landing in Zion National Park, Utah.... I have been a bunch of times and it is one if the prettiest places you can imagine.

Ah yes...what does the house look like...yesterday we had all new fans installed. The original ones were just that...original and or old cheapos. Also some new light fixtures..some of that are under cupboard lighting in the dark corner of the kitchen counter area.... and a power outlet.

From the 'quiet' room into the family room.

This was referred to as the front called the family room. TV is in here, etc.

I found these cool and comfy chairs at a used furniture place. My neighbor showed my how to calculate the angle to cut the rear legs at...they flair out, so a straight cut leaves on with wobbly chairs. The kitchen counter.

This was the family room...has become the feeding area.

Downstairs spare room.

This is the upstairs bedroom..what we are going to tun into the AirBnB Vacation Rental, we hope.

Right, right...the quiet room....I do a daily Mediation here. It feeds off the family room and/or the kitchen. And if the Meditation fails..that's my likker cabinet.

Holy crap...can you imagine?

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