Thursday, 19 May 2016

A fan....of fans

The Okanagan is a hot zone. Highs in summer get...high. And although yes, we have A/C..and who ever thought I would be living in a house with A/C? but  I am...still and all, fans are the main stay to keeping comfy. Our new to use house has fans, for sure. Old ones. Wobbly ones. And two rooms don't have, that should. One of which is the 'loft' and man, that rooms gets stuffy. But no easy wiring access, so there has to a fake beam places across the ceiling, allowing for wiring and a fan to hang from.Yes yes..I could just have a plastic channel on the wall going up and across the ceiling....but that just looks so tacky and cheap. After asll, this is going to be the AirBnB room.

A thousand bucks yesterday in fans. Just fans. A guy will install them next week and that'll be another grand too. Easy.

How can getting the ingredients to make Bubble Tea be so hard? This had become a major undertaking but...success. In Kelowna there is the Oriental Supermarket and they have it all. Including some pretty good looking steam buns we are gonna get next time we are that way. Need a cooler to carry them home..which is why we didn't get some yesterday.

We were being given a brass headboard for our bed and the guy says..."You might like this, too"....

 What on earth am I going to do with a stainless steel door that weighs maybe 200 lbs? It's very cool but...geeezus bye.....

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