Friday, 11 December 2015

Santa is workin hard in Kitimat

I have been a busy boy...several Community events..the Rio-Tinto Childrens bash...two of them...and more to come. 

I was reading that there are a number of malls that are dedicating space and time for their Santa to be able to spend one-on-one time with children that face challanges. What a great, not being shy about stealing a good idea....Santa is doing that here in Kitimat next Thursday. There s a centre here that most or all of families that have kids with needs, are connected with. Thusday afternoon is going to be their time, with Santa.

One of the usual hurdles I face at Santa time is..."are you really Santa?"...and I make no bones about it...YES!!, I am. Then the question is asked.."how do I know?"....I ask if they think thatSanta has a real beard? and of course, they do. I invite them to touch and tug (gently) on mine. That, seals the deal, right there. The little girl is testing....

The local public transit company did the Fill The Bus thing on Saturday...


This is Penny Spicer....she was the only employee that came to say good-bye to Suzie. A heart of gold.

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