Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Fear. Muslims. Trump. Guns. ISIS.

Fear. Muslims. Trump. Guns. ISIS. Protection. Freedom. Religion. Terrorism. Mass killings. Goverments. Money. Oil.  Anger.

Have I missed anything? Man are we ever fucked up and no-one seems to be able to see a way out, do they. And..for sure..I my ass is sore from having that fence post jammed right up there. And it's no better now than when I started worrying and asking about this a month or so ago. I keep thinking....why can't the US military just put an end to this madness? Maybe I watch too many YouTube videos on Seals and Spec Ops. Maybe they can't do this...or perhaps they just haven't been given the green lights they require. With all of the worlds highly trained warfare people...between the US, Israel, UK, Russia, France, Italy, Canada, Japan, Korea....are we so un-knowing that this cannot happen? With all of the hi-tech shit we are told about...why the fuck not?

Having gotten that part said...now we go to self protection.... I cannot wrap my head around this either. I can't be alone in this dilemma, right? I can read...I see all of the positioning about arming everyone. I am betting that on that campus in California there were private people with guns. They didn't engage the shooters...why? because they didn't want to die. They wanted the police...the folks that are paid to die for us..to get in there and clean up. And so they did. I don't think that there are many hero's, when the shooting starts, in earnest. Going to the range is one thing...those targets don't shoot back. And all the training in the world does not turn a civilian into a killing machine. But....if I  were living in the US, right now? I'd have myself a weapon and permits up the fucking wazoo. And I am not going to go out and shoot anyone...but I like to think that in a moment of absolute terror and stupidity, I might respond properly. Maybe I would...or maybe I'd just go into the foetal position and cry like a baby. 

Now then..Mr Trump. He's a head case, eh? But he striking such a chord in the population. Some are cheering him on because they are just red-necked idiots. But...many are truly scared and see The Donald as their saviour. How scary is that? That he promotes such divisive, hatred filled policies and people flock to him. How do you explain that? I haven't the foggiest idea. I know people with ancestry from almost every country in the world...Russia, the Asia's, all of Europe...and he would have you believe that you should support closing a group of people out of finding a new and better life? How many Russian spies have been found to have emigrated into the US? But no says close the borders to Russians? Or Chinese...same same....or Israelis. Fuk people....get a grip. And talk of a fence between the United States and Mexico..and Canada. You know...one could develop a fantasy around that stuff...closing out entire groups of of people and building those fences. I wonder how long it would take before businesses began to scream? Maybe about as long as it took them to get on the phone. But..it does seem to play well in Kansas City or Amarillo.  

However...there is the legitimate fear and anger that is howing across north america. And I don't have a frikken clue how to address that. In fact..I am going to fall back on the military option.Turn them loose to go and deal with these fuckers. 

And no Mr Trump..not their families...geeezus, you have popcorn for brains. Yes, you are rich and I wish I had some of that acumen, but you have no morals. No scruples. No conscience.  

I want people to be brave in the face of this global threat. I want people to stand up against ISIS and the Trumps of the world..Putin is another we could do without. I want people to look at others..right into heir eyes

And I would want the Muslim commuity to 'out' those that would lead their people into violence. Maybe that is the way...the one thing that will help bring this under control. If the Muslim faith leads their people out of this dark place.


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