Monday, 26 October 2015

Radio telescopes, an old Fagel bus and more colours

Maya and I were off today for a weeks wandering. Doesn't she look so fucking happy?


Rene and Maxine...Kim's mom and dad have arrived and gotten all settled in.  They invited me over for  Newfie dinner laast night..a Jiggs Dinner. 

 Rene Fowler likes his rum and Pepsi....

Driving around Okanagan Falls and my eyes spy an old Fagel. Christ...I drove these when I first started with Vancouver transit.

 Off we went again...and taking wee side roads always brings things....

 The Radio Telescope Observatory up in the hills above Okanagan Falls. Really cool stuff...mapping the universe using radio waves.




 Vineyards up behind Oliver and on to Osoyoos...I just cannot get enough of the colours


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