Thursday, 22 October 2015

New place..the Okanagan!

We have decided to move to the Okanagan Valley, city of Penticton. It happened much quicker than we had anticipated., did it ever! One day we are talking about it, then we go look at the area...figure that a year from now we'll have found a house...go on a trip to Haida Gwaii and while checking the real estate website..     *poof*...  there it was.

Check out this upstairs bedroom....I want to do an AirBnB thing here...even has a jacuzzi tub, for heavens sake!

Doing the inspection

Good eats too....

Went for  drive to Naramata....just to the east of Penticton...I can't even guess how many vineyards are up there....maybe 50?

I gotta get my fill now.,..we are actually spending the winter in Kitimat. We weren't prepared for this so we have to get stuff done. We have arranged to lease the house to some folks from the Maritimes for six months and come 1st of May...we'll be back.

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