Thursday, 29 October 2015

Grand Forks and some border jumping chicken

Climbing up Anarchist Mountain, east of Osoyoos...the city and lake in the pix. 

Haines Point, reputed to be the busiest and best provincial campgound in the province. There are campsites right around the point.  great place to camp if one can get in there. Reservations are a must.

Looking south into the US side of the lake

Residents of Grand Forks enjoy the city park.

Maya in the RV's bucket of her fave places to sit and snooze.

A bit of a conundrum this morning.  I am going to cross into the US and I have some items that would normally get taken away..some fresh chicken and an onion and a head of garlic. hmmm....but if it is cooked, it is okay. about if it was cooking? I am going to assemble a batch of my soon-to-be-famous border jumping slow cooked chicken. I have a nice cast iron pot that fits just right into my oven, then I prop a Manfrotto mono-pod agin the door, to make sure I don't got my messachicken'nonion'ngarlic on the floor. I still need  a can of tomatoes, but that'll come shortly.

I'll add some dumplings at supper time.

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