Thursday, 29 October 2015

Old ranch buildings and mansions..and loose nuts

Had need of a 1/2" nut and a way to wrench it on....the shiny lug nuts and covers on the right rear have given up. One is gone entirely and the other..holding on by a thread. Get it? Holding on by a thread? I'll have to be in touch with Pacific Dually and get new ones but in the meantime..I needed to get a nut on the stud, to keep it from flopping about. I was told that there was a NAPA in Republic...25 miles plus down the road, I went. But.....ah seeen ah sign....turned around and up the drive to....the biggest baddest yard sale, junk pile, hardware store with most anything.....and found two nice brass nuts...for 6 cents each. They were in a bucket marked..."Make a Deal"...okay then. But..I have left my RV tools at the house so..did find a monkey wrench in a box in back but needed a proper drive and socket to get it tight. Got that in Omak.

Curlew Washington....just a little place with a heart. Has a neat community trail plan and a good looking bar. Even the general store has a sign...' can hang your meat here'...and an overhead rack just for that.

When I crossed into the US..just a mile or so down the raod, is this cool campground. So..after I had got my nutz fixed and visited Curlew, I went back for thge night.

An old ranch along the, I love shooting these.

 So, there I was, about to take this shot and I saw a deer just wandering up the hill under the furthest  tree to the right. I was  going to post the pic and see if anyone could even spot it...but when getting it ready to post..I see there is a second the left...they are both red circled.

And more neat history... 

I couldn't get near the houses so this was a long-ish shot with the 100-400.

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