Thursday, 1 October 2015

Fridge repairs and sandy beaches

One of the reasons for being in Vancouver is to look after the grandkids for this coming weekend. My daughter had some surgery earlier this week and they wanted to be kid free over Saturday and Sunday. Sharon flies in tomorrow, Friday, and we are going to take them down to Birch Bay, in Washington. My pals have a trailer there..although th original plan saw us using the RV...4 people, two of them kids, sand, dirt, wet...and not lots of room , we have opted for a more civilised 'stay'. No matter...Birch Bay is the nicest spot...beaches and in summer, cool stores..and chix on bikes. 

This is at the border town of Blaine

If the plan holds...we have to get across the border, first....we go shopping for grub, letting the kids participate in that..then off to the beach with pails and shovels and God knows what all.

RV fridge boards....

Image 1

A note about fridge repairs. I have a 99 RV with a Norcold unit and had to order a new board. The new board came as a 'kit'..two boards..the power board and a new brow..the one that has the buttons on the front. Good thing, too. The new power board does NOT talk to the old. So..if you are looking at board issues, consider replacing both.

And don't buy in Canada, if that is where you in the US for your particular brand. The power board alone was $400.00. The 'kit' was $299 in the US. I used a package service that accepts parcels for customers and holds them until picked up. Charges $5.00. 

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