Sunday, 4 October 2015

Birch Bay with the grandkids

Back in the early 50's, we had a trailer in Birch Bay and would drive thru this very barn, in order to get to it. 


Then I used to hang around and roller skate here as a kid in...1963? 64.


There is a good reason you have kids when you are mere children yourselves. We more mature folk are driven to exhaustion.

We were able to snatch the kids for a couple days. Took them  down to Birch Bay. We had plans to be in the state park but Al/Art have a trailer in a 'resort' and offered us the use of same. Right off the main road, so when ready, we just walked to the beach.



Sharon thought she was going to catch a few zz's in the sun, but Locklan kept going up to her, asking what she was doing...then would go lay down...for about maybe 10 seconds, sit up, say..."good morning"..and go over to her, look down...say "good morning" and give her a kiss.

My favourite pic

They built a 'spaceship' in the bed they would be using.

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