Friday, 9 October 2015

Thanksgiving appoaches...

I have been and continue to be in the buds home in Burnaby. I have been asked to Dad sit for Friday and Saturday while Al is off moving a pal. Sunday I'll finally weigh anchor and motor eastward. 


Do you recall the June Blog post about the Packing House, in Spences Bridge? 

Image result for spences bridge packing house

Image result for spences bridge packing house

They sometimes have a musician stopping by, so they throw a dinner/music night gig. Damned if they aren't having one on Monday, which is Canadian Thanksgiving, so, I called and made a reservation for myself. 

This is who is playing....


Then it's on to Penticton again. Sharon flies in on Wednesday.

Happened to be in The Bay in Burnaby and spotted some signage...followed up on it.

For those that are into on-line shopping, the Bay offers some pretty cool incentives. Free shipping for orders exceeding $99.00 and if you bought a number of 'hard' say a new fridge and stove AND a pay the single shipping fee of $79.00, as long as your order is placed at the same time.

Which means nothing to you if you are in the big CDN cities but rest assured, if you live in Canada's north, this might mean the difference between a CDN Tire gift and a Hudson's Bay gift....just sayin... 

Oh yeah...finally..the fridge issue has been put to fucking last....the thermistor wiring was fried. It would work for a couple days..then not? Had the guys at Travco look at it..this would be after I had them install the power boards I had bought, and still the thing wouldn't work.

Image result for RV fridge thermistor

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