Sunday, 27 September 2015

Highway time

 Are you tired of seeing the 'Get Windows 10' on your task bar? Go to your Control Panel, using the search bar, type ICON, select Remove Icons From Tray, select GWX..then select 'hide'..hit okay.


Time to git.....rolled out of Penticton and headed for a beer in Keremos.Know a guy there, sent him a a text and there we go.....

Ahh yes...waking up in Keremos...parked for the night behind the library...wifi.....

 Driving down Highway 3...I had sort of thought I might take a couple days to get to Vancouver...

Before I knew it I was making breakfast in Princeton

And by 1pm I was in Hope....just a 2 hour drive into the I went. Got to Al and Art's place by 4.

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