Friday, 4 September 2015

Gray Bay, on Moresby Island

Vagabonding the night in Queen Charlotte City...we wake up to this.

We took the ferry over to Moresby Sandspit. The vibes were every bit as cool as Masset and Old Masset...very smooth...very relaxed.

So..after having what might have been the tastiest hamburger ever, from a lady selling from a hot-dog stand...we headed off to highly touted Gray Bay. Good thing is was all we had been told about because that 22ks of bad miserable pot-holed hardly can call it a road, road...surely sucked.

Gray Bay....

At the other end of the beach from us..a 2 hour hike..because we had to stop and look at every fucking rock and shell....a kid was swinging from a rope swing.


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