Friday, 4 September 2015

Working our way south to Queen Charlotte City

We left Masset Sunday afternoon after showering at the Visitors centre..using their water supply, out hot water tank..and had a plan to go via Port Clements. There is a great little restaurant there..correction..there was a great little restaurant.'s a home. The burger place stops serving at 2 and the pub doesn't start having food till 4...and it's 2:30. Great. So, on we Tlell..which  is a collection of homes and a ranch, some artists buildings..and that's all. We were cruising south again and I spied a little dirt track, to the waters edge...and there was a swing and a fire pit...not fenced, no signs. Obviously it is owned...but...??? so we sat there for two nights...what a nice spot.

Look who found an agate!!

Sun comin up...

Who ever sees a rainbow in black and white?

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