Sunday, 6 September 2015

Another beach, another bunch of rocks 'n shells.

Today we'll go off to one more..Agate Beach, north of Masset. We came back here to sort of just 'chill' for a couple of days. 

We are due away on the Tuesday mornings sailing and from the looks of things a gale force storm is coming in. It remains to be seen how all this works out. It could be a really rough sailing for us, or in fact, they might cancel that sailing and then it all gets kind of jumbled.

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A small sampling of the shells that have been harvested from the far.

Farmers Market in Queen Charlotte City. Pretty much done for the year, I would think.

And the harbour.....


Another great eating place! This is about 33k's north of what is colloquially known as Charlotte...(Queen Charlotte City). We had been here two years ago with Ron and Anne. Rolled in and had just a fabulous brunch.

Ravens Roost is the eatery within the confines of the Crows Nest.  

I mean..check out Chef Andres can you go wrong?

Chanterelle mushroom omelet..yes, with Franks Hot Sauce and yes, I do put that shit on everything.

Sharon's blueberry pancakes were sinfully good.....

Should you ever decide to venture overt o Haida easy. There are some really great places to eat. We had one of the best burgers ever at Sandspit..lady wirth her hot dog stand, but did fresh meat burgers on a French bread type bun, all the usual plus the hot peppers and onions out of the hot-dog condiments bins. We pulled a couple of camp chairs out, sat at the side of the raod, I had a beer in hand too..I was a licensed cart, after all, and we both were like..Oh My God..this is SO good. Then, gthere is Sherri's Gas bar and Grill in Old Masset. Maybe the best fish and chips we have even had. And the chef there is a latin guy with a huge flair for all of it.  In Charlotte there is a fine sushi joint, right on the main drag and hearing people chat....lots of goodness to be found.

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