Monday, 7 September 2015

Fred Watmough..carver..a man alone.

Met a guy a week ago..Fred Watmough. He was walking on the beach at Tlell, while we were camped there for two days. Had himself a nice looking dog and Maya was all anxious to go say did. Fred was out walking, searching for agates. What his wife did all of the time, he says....she died in December and Fred is still lost. We chatted and the dogs did dog stuff and just before parting ways, Fred said..."you come by my house in Charlotte, I'll show you my carvings".  We stopped in a week ago, the day before going over to Sandspit and got a good look at his carvings and his home and shop. Mostly, Fred is just lonesome, now-a-days. He stopped carving to look after his wife and after she passed away, he carved a head stone for her.


So, before heading home on the ferry I wanted to stop by one more time and spend a bit more time with him. Maya just jumped right up and took over his affections.

Fred carved in pretty much anything he could get his hands on. Jade, granite..and in this case, coral.

Hell of a sense of humour.

This is a coral as it was brought to the surface. The dangly thing is an Eskimo art piece that he usually has's his Christmas ornament.

It's carved in the soft inner tissue of a vertebra from a whale. 

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