Monday, 21 September 2015

Looping around the Southern Okanagan

Farmers Markets...I guess they really aren't any different in any part of the world, eh? I really like the ones where there are beer and wine samples, tho.

I never understand nor frequent markets that don't allow dogs. Ya gotta have dogs, to go with the kids.

If you are in can find wifi at the Visitors Centre, north end of town. On the computer, it's titled #youarehere.

A nice offering of flowers ..honour system at work.

Ball fetching hound in an orchard

Met a guy that was parking his hot Mustang and letting his Jack Russell out to, I released Maya to go and show that dog who's boss...and then he dumps out his tote of puppies. Eight of them.

 We did a loop today...Penticton, Keremos, Osoyoos, Okanagan Falls. 

There aren't many pictures of Keremos I like..this might be one of them, tho.

Ahh yes...dessert first's short. Lunch in an Osoyoos pub.

This dog has a look....

This one too...

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