Sunday, 20 September 2015

Happy meeeeeee

As the song says.... 

And although I can't divulge the  facts just fact...they are., September my 65th Birthday. had you asked me, as I went thru my life, I wouldn't have said yes, to thinking I'd still be alive today. 

I am a lucky doubt about it. I have had some pretty interesting adventures. Pissed off my share of folks too and I wish that that wasn't the case. It all comes down to agendas, I think. What I wanted vs what another wanted and then the anger when it all came down to that.

I used to be very am so grateful just to be alive. Maybe some day I will be able to make amends and tell a few people how sorry I am. That is wasn't personal..that I had to live a different life than they. ohh..I guess that is personal, isn't it. 

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