Thursday, 24 September 2015

Now THIS is a taco...

Was out for a drive around Summerland and grabbed some shots...

 Look how this vine type plant has enveloped the whole tree.

The good old days..of wooden irrigation systems

The view from Summerland..that's Okanagan Lake in the background


Holy doodle was that ever good. Taco del Norte in Penticton yesterday. geeezus....great lunch! 

Troubles troubles troubles....

This has not been my year as far as engine grief. Spark plugs, coils, fuel injector, exhaust mainfolds and now..a mysterious stumble or miss that so far remains un-solved. fukityfuk fuk fuk

I am still in the Okanagan but am on my way to Vancouver over the next few days. Going to supervise the two grandkids for a weekend..will see if they will overnight in the RV on a wee camping trip to Birch Bay. This is either going to be a lot of fun, or a late night drive back to their beds.

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