Tuesday, 14 July 2015

good-bad, good-bad...

I have to decide...which comes first...the good or the not quite so good.....

Maybe I'll work backwards. That gets the not-so-good out of the head.

Maya must have eaten something or drank something that just took her down a nasty path or barfing and diarrhea..five days worth, in total. At day 3...the early morning of day 3, I was out in the bush....Kenny Dam...100k's from Vanderhoof. And I was so worried that she wasn't going to make it....6:30 am, and I was rolling. Vet was located and opening at 9, so park, make coffee and some breakfast. Vet looks her over and pronounces her fit but sick. wtf does that mean? Says could do anti-biotics but they cause as much havoc as just waiting it out. So..okay then. Now what to do? I wandered about for a bit and was filling the RV fresh water tank..and chatting with a lady that was sanding some table and turns out she is connected to the bunch I had been reading about. Tells me that I would be welcome in the ranch area but that unless I have an atv, I am not going anywhere close. 25 miles of really bad trail, that the RV just could not do. Rats. But..that takes care of that idea....now what? so...looking at my maps,  I decide to start heading west..make a 3 or 4 day trip out just getting home. A couple years ago, Sharon and I were out around the back of Fraser Lake..and Rec Site is to be had, so...lets go there. And do....and get a site and then decide to go see if I can find some Diamond Willow to play with. And a spark plug blows right out of the hole.     fuk.

That takes care of the not-so-good.... 

Maya was all set to boogie..man, she could not wait to get going.

 I was able to cobble together my extra fuel carrying requirements. Bought the rack from Princess Auto and 4 plastic gas jugs to give e total of 100 liters. Of course, as it turned out, I needed none of it.

 I had no idea that there was a 'Friary' in Vanderhoof.  What does a friary do?

 Just a nite spot on the Nehako River.

Dickhead thought she saw a squirrel

Okay now..the HSP Ranch....out on the road to the Kenny Dam and really? I have no idea. When I do a Google search the latest entry is in 2012. It was a sanctuary, of sorts, I suppose. The Chamber of Commerce website lists their classes with everything from Meditation, foods...to dog sledding and hiking. I saw..stopped at the gates...but I wasn't going in without an invite and there was no-one around to welcome me in.


Built to provide water to the turbines in Kemano that created the power to run the smelter in Kitimat.

The dam was not built without it's issues and they continue.


The Cheslatta Falls....Oh man oh man...what a violent, beautiful, scary place. There is a BC Forestry Rec Site right beside the water and one wrong move..and it's all over.

Look at that table..and the edge is right there...holy shit....

I have always liked small planes and if they are a kind of bush plane..or at least a working plane, so much the better. These were at the Vanderhoof airstrip.

And so we return to the RV....mine is a Ford E350 with a V-10. And....there is in inherent problem with these engines. As I understand it...the sparkplug 'hole' only has four threads. Not enough to hold the plug in nice and tight for a really long time. The constant expansion and contraction will allow for a plug to begin to work itself loose. When it lets go..it goes with a bang and tears the threads out wit it. Then, one must have new threads tapped in...and there is literally no room to do this so Ford has the head being removed. The guy that did mine was able to do it by feel. Re-tapping...making new threads is no mean feat.

Image result for die for spark plug hole

The problem here is that doing it in a spark plug hole, should there be any metal shavings left behind, why then you will suck those down into the cylinder thus wrecking the engine. It was accomplished with many many cleaning of the tap tool and liberal applications of thick grease, that captured the shavings. Then, a metal insert is placed..often called a heli-coil. This then reduces the new hole threads down to the size of the spark plug threads..like when before it blew out.

And I am not being mean spirited....I waited 4.5 hours for a tow..the guy had to return some parts and then he had forgotten he had a Dr's appointment..so, must do that...then, he drove over an hour to me. And..I end up in this yard...it has to be funny, right?

And Shayne, bless his heart, knew how to fix that engine. 


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