Saturday, 18 July 2015

A river runs thru my wallet

Oh God..I was looking for a tractor video and see is so bad....

The problem with taking the RV into Randy's shop is that the guy  really knows his stuff. And is a bit of a handful, sometimes. He can say things that leave me absolutely flummoxed as to what he wants or means. It wouldn't be the first time that I had to ask his what? The other side of that is that he is so good, that one wants to pay attention to what is being said. All of which leads me to 'the list'...the list of things he spouted off about what is wrong or at the very least requires attention. I need to have the underside sprayed with a rust preventative. The lines are getting pretty corroded. I have looked that up and will have it done as I drive south in the fall. Place in Kamloops     and places in Vancouver, 

Anyone have any experience with this stuff? I see I could spray on motor oil too, but nooo..I do not think so.

A new muffler and piping...which I got done yesterday in Terrace. Same place that did it for me 5 years ago. I had them make up a 3.5 inch line. That helps dispel the heat in the engine and a cool sound too. I would have gone to a 5" but there were some bends that couldn't accommodate that.

Let's see..what else..ah yes, the rear brakes need to be entirely replaced. Nice. Great. But that is being done next week. And the front differential has a minor leak but he says that this is nothing to be worried about today. Whatever that actually means.....

And they pulled all the plugs and replaced them plus one coil. I can now be fairly comfortable that all the plugs are tight..not that things can't happen, but let us presume all will be wonderful.

Going into Terrace yesterday..goodness the Skeena River is way low...walked across the old bridge.

Sort of looks like the carcass of a whale.

Coffee....if you live in northern BC and really enjoy a good cup/pot of coffee, you may want to investigate these folks.

The thing of it is..I use a Turkish grind..very very fine and lots of shops just carry the beans, don't have a grinder..nor the bins of beans. I like to mix my own 'secret' blend. 

Did you catch this? Wildfire crossed highway 15 in California (freeway between Vegas and LA) on Friday..holy crap..20 cars lost. No one injured tho, thankfully.


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