Saturday, 20 June 2015

People in our lives

You know all those cutesy sayings...'it's not the destination, it's the journey' or about the 'friends we make along the way'. And perhaps it is only as I age that I think about some people that I know and am really and truly moved by them.   

Tony and Karen....I have known them now for geeez..years. Maybe 6? or 7? maybe 8? Thru RV.Net and then E mails and they went out of their way to stop and see me when I was working at a park in BC. Hung out for a coupe of days. 

They knew we were going to be in the Okanagan..and they were going to be in Washington, so made the drive up to spend a couple days. Tony and Karen live and travel full time in their 24ft Scotty RV. They just go where they will, all over North America. Now they are part of a group that meets every winter in Quartzite, Ca, for a gathering and sharing. I just may have to join them next winter.

look at that smile....

Getting ready to fly back north....we met up with Morgan, Phil and their kids Ellie and Lochlan for lunch at the Flying Beaver...right out at the seaplane base, by YVR. The idea is one sits...consumes and watches sea-planes.

What everyone wants to see...but not be part of.....

Whenever Maya see's her flight kennel, she gets right in. Does NOT want to be left behind.

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