Sunday, 14 June 2015

Victoria's Quilts for a lady


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Quilts delivered
Year Number
of quilts
1999 16 16
2000 36 52
2001 458 510
2002 694 1,204
2003 930 2,134
2004 1,149 3,283
2005 1,604 4,887
2006 2,392 7,279
2007 2,724 10,003
2008 3,294 13,297
2009 3,760 17,057
2010 4,175 21,232
2011 4,910 26,140
2012 5,571 31,713
2013 4,989 36,702
2014 5,213 41,915
2015* 2,315  44,230
*as of May 31, 2015
Volunteer cutting pieces for a quiltVictoria's Quilts Canada (VQC) provides handmade quilts to people with cancer in Canada. By providing these quilts, we hope to bring physical comfort to those dealing with cancer as well as spiritual comfort in knowing that they are not alone in their struggle.
Our organization now comprises over 1,100 volunteers in 23 communities across Canada, including Ottawa. The quilts we provide are made by individual quilters who work independently or in groups in a team setting similar to the quilting bees of times past. Over the past 14 years, we have delivered more than 42,000 to people with cancer across the country. We now make and distribute over 400 quilts per month.
Finished quiltsThe work we do is generously supported by our corporate sponsors, who help by donating or discounting their products and services and by making financial grants and donations. Community groups and organizations also support our program through financial contributions to the National Office and to the Branches. The major source of our funds, however, are donations from private individuals, who are often the recipients of our quilts, and their families and friends. As we do not have any paid staff, we rely solely on the generosity of these donors and our volunteers to carry out our mission.
The demand for quilts continues to rise steadily and we welcome new volunteers to help us meet that demand. You do not need to be an “expert” quilter or a sewer, as there are many other ways in which you can help. For more information, please visit our Volunteer page.

Completed quilts in hand-made bags, ready for distribution

Just imagine...the group has knitted and sent out over 44 THOUSAND up to May 21st. Man....that is just a bunch of quilts. 

And, of course...I am acquainted with a recipient.  We were down on the Okanagan Vallet these past ten days and had some good lovin times with Kim, her son Tay and Newfie mom, at that. Hahahaha...and is she ever that. Anyway...the other day Kim received a package in the mail and with no advance note saying..'oh, by the way, you will be getting something'....nope, nuttin....gets this.

Tay and his mom.

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