Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Newfie kitchen party

People that I know...knew...from Kitimat have relocated to Penticton, so Jaswinder and Smiley met us for coffee in Summerland. 

We are sitting having our cafe's and this older lady is wandering about clutching a bouquet of flowers. ...and I being me..have to ask her..."hey..are you selling those?"...and not only was she selling those...she had a whole bunch she was selling..that and a bag of fresh picked from her garden, lettuce. Sharon bought two bouquets.

One for our pal Kim

And one for Smiley

Jaswinder ji got to hold them too.....

And these two little ruffians were outside with their staff.

We made supper for Kim, her son Tay and her mom...they are living in a condo in Penticton while Kim takes cancer treatments in Kelowna.

I got to be the the chef....

Now..Kim is from New Foundland...and her mum still lives there. What a beautiful woman and give her some wine...and the party is on!

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