Sunday, 1 March 2015

Where has Gary gone?

I have been reminded to smarten up and post something....

This, is my next 14 weeks...well, perhaps only 11...I had fallen off the roof, attempting to deal with a 5 foot snow drop.  Yes..I knew beter, but a bunch of the guys I know were all "oh Gary, you have to get up there and clear the roof"..and I am like..noooo..I am not going to end up in hospital. Finally, the man in me was prepared to ignore the wee little voice...and I got most of the way up...when the ladder shifted, I jumped backwards and there we are. All in all..I am damned lucky not to have injured my back.

We kinda go from oh, isn't this pretty..

to....Oh, my Lord......

This all began on a Friday morning and by afternoon, it was clear that we were in for it....I store my RV over-winter in a storage shed and they guy that owns it called about 9? Friday night saying he wasn't happy about what he was seeing and wanted to come and get the keys and move it.  He has one of those go-anywhere 4 by 4 trucks and he needed that to get to the house. 

He moved the RV out and overnight..the shed came down.

The truck would have been destroyed.

Monday, the snow has stopped, it's a nice day and people are shoveling out.

So....that is the long and short of it...

This is the day of the fall...the next day was surgery to place two screws and put on the cast.

I have been received flowers from St Anthony's School, where I bus drive.

 Had fresh baking dropped off from the lady that comes in to house clean.

Attention from the cats and dog

And last Friday, Feb 27th,..most of three weeks after..I finally went out.

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