Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas eve wrap-up

A late night walk 

While chugging around Wyoming and Montana this past September, we went thru Ennis, Mt. Hell, I'd live there...have a small distillery. I had bought a bottle of their finest and have just the week decided to open it up..just for tasting, you understand. I have to be very disciplined about it or it'll be gone in a week.

It's the little things eh. Up here, craft beer places don't usually stay around too long. Huge investment and slim return. Very small population centres..anyway, Brentwood Mountain opened it's door in Terrace and I happened to be driving by the very next day....

Bought mid sized growler and stuffed it into the fridge to cool....

We are going to be going to a long time forever friend of Sharon's for Christmas dinner and I was thinking of what to make..there'll be a houseful there. What better than a serving of cabbage rolls, right? So..we made these up this week and then put them in the freezer. Some things get better after a freezing....cabbage rolls are one of them.  Was kind of a bitter-sweet afternoon, without the other knowing. Sharon and her o used to make these and other Ukrainian dishes on Christmas eve, and her mom died two years ago, December 25th. And, I used to make these with a buddy of mine, Ron Kowalski, that made the decision that I wasn't what he wanted in a pal. 

So...there we were making cabbage rolls and both having thoughts of Christmas's past.

Santa gig requires a beard. A big beard. A Santa beard. So, I stop trimming mine about mid-September and by the end of the Santa season has come around, man, it is looking 'full'. I had my last visit the 21st, so, mornring of the 22nd...scissors are out! 

Man..I really need to smile more.

When we went to Prince Rupert for the Santa gig a couple of weeks ago, I took these.

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