Tuesday, 3 March 2015

suspended life

So yes...in a state of suspended activity. I am not supposed to even let me foot touch the floor. Good luck with that. There are a couple of things about this forced attempt at one leggedness...sitting down on the toilet...oh My good Lord...yes, yes..I know I could get a portable high seat, but I haven't. Yet. The there is the matter of personal hygiene. I am normally in the shower every day. I shave in there too..my head and cheeks. FACE cheeks. Now I am relegated to once every 3 or 4 days. And what a production. There is no modesty in this life.

We had planned to be in Mexico..right now...for two weeks. As of the 25th. I was going to drive to Vancouver, Leaving here on or about February 14th or so. Sharon would fly down, meet for a weeks worth of grandkids and shopping, then fly away, meeting Ron and Anne of Anacortes in LAX. Well..I am happy to report that they are having a wonderful time.


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