Thursday, 19 March 2015

Build a yurt, you ask?

Being with a broken leg does have it's advantages. Shopping, for one. On-line shopping, specifically.

I have been bitten by a new website bug..Expedition Portal .com and Oh My God...there is such a vast amount of cool stuff to read in there. One of the 'things' then is reading about 'how to get un-stuck' from situations. Mud, snow...that kind of thing. And once I started reading those threads I became aware of how woefully ill-prepared I really was. Notice I said in past tense...I have increased my equipment list exponentially. I was cruising about on and saw an item that I had wanted, but it was like stupid money, was 50% AND free shipping. Oh yeah....lets get THAT. 

A snatch block for $37.00 CDN. from Rugged Ridge...    listed at $77.00 USD plus shipping
Then...some mats to put under a tire should I get hung up in snow or mud. From MAXSA  

And then..what 4x4 whiz kid is not going to have a Hi-Lift

Another great thing about the website is reading about travelers and their adventures all over the world. I read one that I just could not help myself from grabbing some of the pix and sharing them here. Have you ever been into a state or federal park and seen those yurts that are available to rent?

They are used in Mongolia, right? I know that, right? But..I hadn't thought about the how part...

The start of the process...need to strip an clean the wooden rafters.

 They go into the be bent


Why a welder, I have no idea...probably for other work..but the man built this...

and a home built table saw

 and this warp

 the next two are the felt pounder-outer...

 a homebuilt carding machine

 This is so not Home Depot....

Ryan Hornung is the photographer and his website is The master craftsman who builds the yurts is named Sapar and is in the village of Kyzyl Tuu on the south shore of Issyk Kul.

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