Friday, 26 September 2014

Highway 93....and Wolfman Jack and Challis

Sharon flew out of Missoula at 7am...which meant we were up at 4:45 and to the airport for 5:45 and apparently, not a moment too soon. We always have a early do we have to be in the airport and Sharon is oh so very ho'll be fine, don't need that much time...I would get there the day before. This was close. Who would have guessed over 100 people to go thru security at 7am in Missoula Montana. Anyway....she flew away.

And there I was, sitting in a McDonalds looking at a map book and figured, what the hell..I'll go south first, down 93, into Idaho. 

Like...O.M.G.   How beautiful it was!! 

If you saw American Graffitti , then Wolfman Jack..and he was working out of small diddly radio station, right?  How about this one in Salmon? and On the Air, thank you very much.

So...driving down the road I passed a field filled with cool old shit. I went past....and then threw out the anchor about 2 miles down the road...went back and talk to the man that has the shop and as long as I wasn`t working for no government agency, I could take pictures.

I settled down in Challis for the night, right in the city park....

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